Sep 26, 2021


From September 24 to 26, I participated in the largest hackathon in Europe. Me and my team decided to try to solve the problem of finding a shared flat (WG) for students in cities like Zurich. The main idea was to create a social network for both parties who may be affected by this problem; that is, for individuals looking for new housing, but also for existing tenants looking for new suitable roommates. During these 40 hours, we managed to create a partially functioning model and submit the project for evaluation. A total of 155 teams submitted the project. 25 projects were selected for the final selection and although ours was not among them, it was a great experience and I would recommend everyone to take part next year.

Project proposal

Motivation: Finding a good place to live is hard but very important. Finding a suitable new flat-mate of your shared flat might be even harder but just as important. We try to make this easier and more efficient.
Flatinder is an app, where shared flat owners can search suitable applicants based on the profile parameters and applicants can find the shared flats of their dreams.

Used tools: KOA, Docker, React, TypeScript, PostgreSQL

Find our project proposal here.
Look at our code here.