Radim Urban

Radim Urban

Computer Science Student @ ETH Zurich

About me

I am a computer science undergrad at ETH Zurich. Studies and gaining experience in the fields of CS are currently my main focus. Sometimes, I also like to post something about CS related topics - you can check it out here.
You can contact me or take a look at my LinkedIn.

Teaching Assistant
Teaching and preparing exercise sessions for Data Modeling and Databases.
Spring Semester 2023
Apr - Jun 2022
Software Development Intern
At Venture Valuation, I worked on UI extension features for hellopartnering.com and backend of the administration system for biotechgate.com.
Zurich, Switzerland
since 2020
BSc in Computer Science @ ETH Zurich.
since 2020
TKFF Scholar
I was awarded The Kellner Family Foundation scholarship to pursue my studies at ETH.
Jun - Jul 2019
Application Services Intern
At SAP, in the Team of Application Services, I designed & implemented an infrastructure for employee and asset management.
Walldorf, Germany

Mini Projects & Writings

Using LSTM Recurrent Neural Network Model to Predict Sepsis from Clinical Data Measurements

Training LSTM-RNN-based model using time-series of raw clinical data measurements for early detection of sepsis.
Mar 30, 2024

Understanding & Implementing Dropout

Intuitive understanding and implementation of dropout - a regularization technique preventing overfitting and improving generalization.
Nov 26, 2023

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Google Developer Student Club
I was part of the ETH GDSC Core Team in 2022-23. GDSC is a university-based community for STEM students with goal to bridge the gap between theory and practice. GDSC organizes a lot of fun tech-related events. Check it out.

founded 2022

Czech and Slovak Students in Zurich
With couple of friends at ETH, we founded the CSSZ society with goals of uniting the community of students from Czech Republic & Slovakia and providing support in academic and related matters. Read more about us at cssz.ch.