Radim Urban

Radim Urban

Computer Science Student @ ETH Zurich

Hello World!

My name is Radim Urban, I am a Computer Science undergrad at ETH Zürich. Studies and gaining experience in the fields of CS are currently my main focus.
Sometimes, I also like to post something about CS related topics - check it here.
You can contact me or take a look at my LinkedIn.

since 09/22
Core Team Member @ GDSC at ETH Zurich for 2022/23.
Web Development Intern
At Venture Valuation, I worked on UI extension features for hellopartnering.com and backend of the administration system for biotechgate.com.
Zurich, Switzerland, 3 months
since 2020
BSc in Computer Science @ ETH Zürich
since 2020
TKFF Scholar
I was awarded The Kellner Family Foundation scholarship for my studies at ETH Zurich.
Yearly, around 20 students from Czech Republic receive this scholarship.
Application Services Intern
At SAP, in the Team of Application Services, I developed an app for managing company's employees and assets.
Walldorf, Germany, 1 month
Grammar School with final grade 1.00 (97.5%) - focus on Math and Physics.

Some small projects/writings